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Checklist for Solar Module Sales

Sell solar modules: Checklist

Your solar panels will not sell themselves, even if they are in good condition! The chance of getting a good price increases with the advices by SecondSol. An easy and transparent procedure for solar module sales you will find here.

Even before the ad is online, the sale begins. Good preparation will support the sales success:

  • Price: Set a realistic pricing. Check what is required for your PV module or a similar - eg by a price comparison at SecondSol. Important features are: age, condition, performance, quantity
  • Allow a fixed price or a price proposal? Enter a fixed price or leave with the price negotiable the room for negotiation. This is particularly worthwhile if you want to sell more than one photovoltaic module.
  • B2B Product: Sell only to retailers. Prices are not visible for private users.
  • Top ads: Think about whether it's worth the fee for a top display for your product. The representation in the top display can increase your sales opportunities.
  • The description: Please describe your photovoltaic module as detailed as possible and truthfully. The more precise the description is, the more likelyis the sales success. Instructions on how to customize your display optimally, click here.


Repair or recycle photovoltaic modules?

Particularly rare or high-quality modules may be worth a professional work-up.

  • Appearance: Clean the solar cell, the frame and the back once more thoroughly before you take pictures.
  • Treatment: Minor damages (bypass diode, junction box, frame) a higher price might possibly be achieved by repairing. You can make a request for repair and preparation of photovoltaic modules here.


During the display duration

Save yourself a lot of questions and do not leave potential buyers waiting too long.

  • Inquiries: Answer inquiries promptly; check (if necessary) once a day, if you have received inquiries via email.
  • Documents: Put all important information into the description for potential buyers: the date of purchase, Flash list, electroluminescent images (etc). How can you test your solar modules? Learn more here..
  • Disadvantages: Mention the problems of the photovoltaic module (for example, previous damage by hail or storm), so you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary demands.
  • Delivery time: If you offer the transport of solar modules, ask the delivery costs always for each buyer individually, to avoid high costs and prevent you paying more when transporting it.



If a buyer is found, it’s just a few tasks before the sale is completed.

  • Packing: If the PV modules are not packaged originally, you should pay attention to a secure transport packaging. You can send individual solar modules in pallet cages or transport several solar panels on pallets. How to ensure safe transportation and appropriate packaging instructions for solar modulescan be found here.