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Sell solar modules: Photo Tips

Sold faster with good photos

Pictures say more than 1000 words and increase the sales opportunities considerably. Take advantage of this opportunity! But how do you take pictures of your solar modules to show them best?

Especially in solar module sales, it is important that you photograph the PV modules properly so that potential buyers can get a decent overview of your solar modules.

Here we put together some helpful tips how to pictures present your PV modules optimally.

You can get high-quality images these days with any modern digital camera. It does not really matter if you snap pictures with a professional digital camera or mobile phone. Much more important is what can be seen in the picture.


  • Take advantage of the autofocusing your camera and take your time to ensure that the camera can focus.
  • Photograph individual solar modules from all sides and the individual components (front, back, frame, nameplate, plug).
  • Photograph in a larger post the entire amount for a better overview.
  • Do not take pictures against the sunlight.
  • Turn on indoor settings for the flash. The reflection in the glass pane can be so strong that the photovoltaic module is no longer recognizable.
  • Turn the date display in the pictures off. It might not only be annoying for viewers, it also seems unprofessional and also shows how long you are offering your solar modules.


  • Choose a quiet and uniform background, for example, a white wall.
  • Not offered products should not be in the picture.
  • Try to avoid strong shadows and bright light sources.

Tip: Take a few more images and select the best images when setting your ad.