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Sell solar modules: your ad

The optimal display

For an quick and successful sale, an optimal display ensures a higher number of buyers and increases the opportunity for a good price. In just a few steps to a successful display:

Quick and easy: all you need is a product data sheet and pictures of the solar modules in digital form. With this information your photovoltaic modules can be online within 5 minutes. To make sure your sale will be successful, note the following points:

Step 1: PV module data

Save time and get a data sheet when adjusting. On the data sheet you will find all relevant information about your solar modules.

Enter the manufacturer and the type. Then check the input fields and enter all other product data manually. You can find the data on the various input fields on the module data sheet.

Use the description field! With a clear description make your PV product attractive. Important for buyers could be the following points:

  • Are the panels monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin film?
  • Are those new goods, used goods, B-grade, remaining stock?
  • How are the PV modules packaged?
  • Are those PV panels used?
  • Are the photovoltaic modules repaired? (Do you have documents about that?)
  • Do the photovoltaic modules show other damages?
Our tip: A detailed information and honest description promotes sales. Therefore, use the description field, and put yourself in the situation of the buyer: What would you be interested in?


Step 2: Images and information sheet

Add images and a data sheet to your display. Your opportunity is thereby increased. Pictures speak louder than words and ads with pictures are clicked and saved more frequently.

Use meaningful as possible images that reflect the type and extent of your offer. Tips and tricks as you take pictures of your solar modules good can be found here.


Step 3: Determine the value of your solar modules.

An assistance of SecondSol in determining prices for your PV modules can be found here.

The following factors may be taken into account when pricing: make, model, age and condition. Compare your solar modules with similar products at SecondSol.

Decide whether your price is to be a fixed price or permit price negotiation.

By the way, if you are a private seller, you can choose the option: "VAT non-deductible."

Tip: Check the status of your photovoltaic modules accurately. Rare items that were never used get a better price than used PV modules.

Step 4: Top Ads

As a supplier, you can advertise for free on SecondSol - but with the top display, you can even increase your sales opportunities. By booking a top display your solar modules will come even more into the focus of the seeker.

Your advantage: your ad is always among the first ads in a search hit.

During the term of your ad

Check your emails every day during the term of your display and respond to requests promptly and in detail – his will increase your sales success.