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Sell solar modules: setting the price

What is your solar panel worth?

With a realistic price the chance of selling an item soon increases. With the assistance of SecondSol you can determine the current market value of your solar modules.

What prices can you require for your solar panel? A too high price might scare the buyer away, a too low price will make you lose money. A realistic price is very important for your success selling your solar modules.

What should I consider when calculating?

First compare what is the price for comparable photovoltaic modules at SecondSol. Keep in mind criteria such as: manufacturer, type, performance class, age, quantity and condition. Especially for particularly rare or old and still as good as new PV modules, possibly higher prices can be achieved. Reasons for this may be the high price of solar modules when they were still on the market, on the other hand, the long storage periods and associated costs. But even the value of rare spare modules plays an important role in price determination. For damaged solar modules, however, it is more difficult to calculate an average price.

Test your solar modules prior to sale.

You want to test your solar modules prior to a sale regarding power, hotspots, microcracks or cell breakage? How a flasher, an infrared camera and an electroluminescent camera function or which test results can be obtained from these measuring devices, can be found here.