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SecondSol at a glance:
- 100% free advertising

- 100% free registration
- commission free purchasing
- buying, selling and finding
- new & used. PV-products
- verified login
- automatic search agent
- shop-link to your website
- landline-service-number

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Any questions left?
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Who uses SecondSol?

Image Who uses SecondSol

Whether buyer or seller, the photovoltaics
secondary market SecondSol offers various
audiences with an eligible access.

Due to the international focus, each day a
large number of users is visiting the platform
looking for:

  • Used goods
  • new items
  • remaining stock Items
  • Special offers
  • damaged goods
  • returns

Nutzen auch Sie den Photovoltaik Zweitmarkt von SecondSol für den Kauf und Verkauf von neuen und gebrauchten Produkten.

SecondSol for:

SecondSol Käufer SecondSol Verkäufer SecondSol Händler SecondSol Hersteller SecondSol Gutachter SecondSol Versicherungen SecondSol Insolvenzverwalter
Buyers Sellers Vendors Manufacturers Appraisers Insurances Liquidators

Benefits for sellers:
„quick and easy set products on sale" – „costs only after the successful sale / no listing fees“ – „own PV shop on the secondary market SecondSol“

Benefits for Buyers:
„find the right products quick and easy“ – „remember product in your account for later“ – „buy photovoltaic modules, inverters and PV equipment directly to the online marketplace“

Advantages for traders:
„get rid of remaining stock items and old products in your warehouse" – „new distribution channels to attract new customers“ – „increase your sales by offering the products online“

Benefits for Manufacturers:
„offer B-Grade products online" – „new distribution channels“ – „use the PV secondary market for new and existing customers“ – „introduce new products quick and easy to a large audience“

Benefits for Reviewers:
„Find spare parts for defective photovoltaic systems" – „Determine the value for a used product and or purchase used products at SecondSol“

Benefits for Insurances:
„Find matching replacements for the repair of photovoltaic systems" – „Order replica of photovoltaic modules that are not manufactured anymore“ – „Sell used photovoltaic products to costumers or directly to SecondSol" 

Benefits for insolvency:
„Offer closeouts and remaining stock online" – „use the PV secondary market as a market for products from insolvencies“

SecondSol Overview: 100% free registration, 100% free placing ads, landline service hotline, independent solar market place,new & used PV products, automatic search agent, Shop link on your website, bulletin board for module applications, replica of photovoltaic modules.