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About SecondSol

Büro Meiningen
Management, sales and development
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SecondSol – Facts and targets

SecondSol GmbH
Founded in 2011

Company head office
Berkeser Straße 21a, 98617 Meiningen

Frank Fiedler

Fields of business
Provision of a trading platform for communicating photovoltaic products for private sellers and traders.

SecondSol is a marketplace for buying and selling photovoltaic products. Besides photovoltaic modules, inverters, energy storage systems, assembly systems, wiring and connectors, special tools and measuring devices as well as other PV accessories can be found among the products offered. Sellers can market their goods all over the world via SecondSol. The supply of parts for millions of PV systems should thus be catered for over the entire service life.
The service is geared to commercial retailers, to
private customers, manufacturers and insurance companies.


Mid 2010: The idea of SecondSol was born. Above all, the great problems insurance companies have when settling damage claims on older photovoltaic systems played a role.

July2010 - June 2011: The concept and implementation of the photovoltaic marketplace was pushed on. The marketplace is based on search engine optimised marketplace software.

Intersolar 2011: The second-hand photovoltaic marketplace was presented for the first time and went online. SecondSol UG is founded by a team of 3 employees.

June 2011 - December 2011: Besides second-hand photovoltaic products, more and more new products find their way to SecondSol. Increasing numbers of manufacturers and retailers are using SecondSol to sell their stocks, odd lots and B-stocks via SecondSol.

December 2011: bm|t · an investment company of the free state of Thuringia, which invests in strongly growing Thuringian companies, joins SecondSol. SecondSol UG becomes SecondSol GmbH.

May 2012: A new application is incorporated in the reliable marketplace. The “wanted tool”, a kind of notice board, makes it possible for searches for rare or urgently needed modules to be sent to a large pool of retailers. SecondSol thus sets a further milestone in the security of supply of photovoltaic equipment.

December 2012: SecondSol exceeds the 1000 member mark.

March 2013: MDR filmed a documentary about SecondSol.

April 2013: SecondSol launches the new platform with a variety of alterations and improvements. A theft data base and a module reproduction service round off the website. At present, more than 1,500 users worldwide have registered on SecondSol. More than 1,200 potential customers access the trading platform and more than 3,000 different products cater for brisk trading.